Grandma Mary Aston lived in Wales, UK at the turn of the 20th Century. This homemade mincemeat recipe is circa 1898 and was passed down through the past 5 generations. The note at the end is for variations which were added by later generations. You can use this mincemeat in pies or even in other baked goods.

Grandma Aston can be seen in the following photo in the center holding an infant. Her daughter, Nell (Harriet Ellen) is in the back row, on the far right. Nell was my Nana’s mom.


Grandma Aston’s Mincemeat Recipe


1 lb cooking apples grated
1 lb suet grated
1 lb currants
1 lb raisins
¼ lb mixed peel chopped fine
the juice and rind of one lemon (chopped fine)
1 lb brown sugar
2 tsp mixed spices


Wash and dry fruit thoroughly. Mix ingredients together and put into scalded jars and seal. Note: 2 oz of glazed cherries,  2 oz of chopped nuts, 1 tbsp of brandy, or rum can also be added.

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